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The medical - health neighborhood is the clinical-community partnership that includes the medical, social and public health supports necessary to enhance health and the prevention of disease. The medical - health neighborhood can include: medical specialists, community services such as food, housing and transportationnn; dietitians; behavioral health specialists; home health; dental professionals; community health workers, community health emergency medical services, education, social services, etc. This guide allows you to find services within the Eastern Idaho medical - health neighborhood.

The resource guide is available in two formats and contain the same information.

PDF Resource Directory
Once the document is open,
you can
hit Ctrl + F on your keyboard to be
able to search the document to find a specific topic or resource.

Excel Resource Directory
By clicking on the
small gray
arrow at the top of each column you can search or filter health resources.

If you are aware of any changes that need to be made, please contact Madi Orndorff
via email at: morndorff@eiph.idaho.gov.

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